Operate an Online School Store

Zach Dewhurst


2008 ICDC competitor (First for chapter) 2012 Graduate of the Ohio State University Founded & ran school store for high school chapter Our Pitch to DECA Chapters

Teach E-commerce & Online Marketing Now!

The Internet has rapidly transformed the landscape of the business world over the past decade. Today more businesses are going online and fewer brick and mortar retail stores are being built. Businesses can market and manage themselves through a website which has low overhead, high ROI, and the ability to target customers better than ever before. Students must begin honing skills in online marketing and ecommerce and DECA offers the perfect platform to do so. A student can be a better leader in their college level business classes if they possess an understanding of how business is done online. Please let us help your students become better educated and better prepared for their secondary education and beyond by using our affiliate program as teaching tool.

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How Our Affiliate Program Works

Step 1

Choose a store template from our affiliate opportunity page. We only require your first name, your last name, and your e-mail address.

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Step 2

The store setup wizard breaks down setting up your website into nine easy steps.

Step 3

Your website is integrated with SEO and social media marketing tools to help drive traffic and sales to your website.

Step 4

A customer purchases a pre-designed or a custom designed product from your store.

Step 5

The order information is then sent to our fulfillment center where we process the order and ship it directly to the customer.

Step 6

The customer receives a high quality product with much satisfaction while you earn the commission you have designated.

Why Your Chapter Should Use Our Free Services

  1. We are DECA alumni who love the organization and have developed a business model that creates a win-win situation for everyone. We have big goals and plans for DECA that will take education and fundraising to a new level.
  2. You don’t have to plug in! Your chapter can simply create products and market them throughout the school and not worry about getting customers to come to your website. We print with the highest quality printing equipment available and guarantee every product we sell through our affiliates.
  3. Everyday more and more marketing and sales practices are executed online and students need to be versed on these new forms of e commerce business. We provide the perfect opportunity for students to experience and learn many forms of online marketing tactics and provide educational materials to correlate with the subjects.

DECA Alumni Aspiring Higher

Brilliant Promoting is a start-up company that focuses on spreading affiliate marketing opportunities and education to marketers and entrepreneurs alike.

Creative Customizing is an apparel promotional product business that focuses on offering free affiliate websites to Brilliant Promoting clients.

DECA Hub will be the DECA network where students and advisors can interact, teach, and learn from one another in a fun and interactive way.

We promise to always offer fun and interactive education for students to learn from, as well as varying opportunities to raise income for their chapter.

Creative Customizing’s affiliate websites are a great fundraising opportunity and online marketing teaching tool.